One week of registrations

Ladies and gentlemen, it has already been a week since registrations opened and we already have over 200 people signed up. This seems like it’s going to be a breathtaking event so I advise you to register as early as possible because we’re selling like fresh pastizzi!

It’s time for some early ICPS statistics! Students from all over the globe are registering for the conference. 71% of our registrants come from an IAPS national committee, 13% represent our local committees, while the last 16% are individual members. We would like to encourage our individual members from each country to group up and form national or local committees! (We are talking to you Spain and Greece…)

ICPS is open to students at different levels in their studies. 50% of the students are at undergraduate level, 31% are reading for their Master’s degree, 15% doing their PhD and the last 4% graduated within the last year. Some of these students will be giving lectures on various topics including, but certainly not limited to, simulations in the lattice QCD, striated muscle properties, quantum cryptography and simulating mean electromotive force driven stellar dynamos. Certainly lining up to be a great schedule!

We are also pleased that most of the people applying are able to swim. It’ll certainly make trips to the beach move along more smoothly knowing that almost everyone can somehow float in our nice blue Mediterranean sea. And for the rest of you - six months to learn!

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