Social Media Update

Physics students of the world, we have progressed into the final frontier of social media and we’ve created an Instagram account. Yes, we’ll be uploading photos regularly to entice you to participate - look us up and tell us what you think about our first photo! Our username is ICPS2016. It can’t really get simpler than that. Use the tag #ICPS2016 during the conference and you’ll get a free high-five! (No, seriously…)

On another note, the organising committee recently arranged a photoshoot for its members. We’ve added a few members and updated the pictures of some of the old ones (you’ll find that some of us have grown and matured a bit). Now you’ll know what we look like so you can find us at any moment during this amazing week in August which we’re going to have.

All of our other social media platforms are still available. You can find us on Twitter @ICPS2016 or using the #ICPS2016 tag and like our ICPS 2016 Facebook page and attend the ICPS 2016 event and basically just follow us on every social media site known to man.

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