Few days left till ICPS2016!

Can you believe it? In less than two weeks the 31st edition of the International Conference of Physics Students will take place in sunny Malta.

To help you prepare for the conference we made this checklist for you:

  1. Malta uses type G power plugs (same as UK) so make sure you have an adapter! [230V 50Hz]

  2. Malta is part of the Eurozone, so make sure you have Euros at hand. We have a lot of nice places where you can spend them!

  3. Malta is the closest place to the equator that ICPS has ever been, so if you think Croatia was warm… read this point carefully. The median temperature will be around 28 degrees Celsius (301.15 K). Record high temperatures of 43.8 degrees Celsius (316.95 K) were measured in August 1999.

  4. Bring / buy sunscreen
  5. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated (if you feel a headache coming, drink more water)
  6. Avoid being outside in direct sunlight during peak hours
  7. Wearing a sun hat would be adviced if you are outside

  8. We will be asking for a 20 EUR deposit (in cash) once you register for ICPS in case of any damages. Rest assured that if you do not to any damages to our premises you will get your deposit back.

  9. Registration will open on August 11th at 10:00 am at the University Residence for all participants. Please bring a copy of your ticket from eventbrite (either printed or on your mobile device) and ID such as a passport to be able to verify you.

  10. Anyone who registered for extra accommodation through eventbrite will be asked to pay their outstanding fees in cash. Each night costs 24 EUR per person and will include breakfast and dinner as we explained previously.

  11. Internet access can be obtained through the eduroam programme. Be aware that you have to set up your eduroam account at home. You can find further information on www.eduroam.org.

  12. If you have read the “Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy” you know that carrying of a towel is mandatory. Towels are provided at the Univeristy Residence but don’t forget to bring one from home for the beach.

  13. Since some of the events are on the beach, bring swimwear if you like to have a dip in the Mediterranean Sea. We also have a swimming pool at the University Residence.

  14. We are aware that some participants will arrive later than 10pm. Please be aware that public transport does not operate after 11pm. If you would like to book a taxi from the Airport to the Univeristy Residence, please call Emmanuel from Faith Garage on +356 99 496 840 or +356 79 230 985 or email faithgarage@onvol.net - we have a fixed rate of 15 EUR per trip up to 4 persons. For more than 5, it will cost 3.50 EUR per person.

Important numbers and addresses:

Accommodation: University Residence, Triq Robert Mifsud Bonnici, Ħal Lija

phone: +356 2143 6168

Conference Venue: Univeristy of Malta, Msida, MSD 2080

Faith Garage (taxi service):

email: faithgarage@onvol.net

phone: +356 99 496 840 or +356 79 230 985

Emergency phone number in Malta: 112

The programme booklet can be found online at: http://icps2016.com/programme/booklet.pdf

You will also get printed versions of the booklet and jIAPS 2016 in your conference bag.

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